The Multimedia Development Process

Adrian Mallon, 1995


For the purposes of these guidelines, the multimedia design process has been broken down into the following principal phases: planning, design, production and validation. (A schematic representation of the process is given in the accompanying Pert chart of the development process.) This section provides information on each of these phases, breaking them down into a number of sub-tasks. Tasks are listed sequentially, in the order they would often be tackled in the actual development process. Depending on project requirements, however, the exact nature of tasks and the order in which they are carried out will vary between projects and according to team preferences. For instance, not all projects will require support materials or packaging, or a destination-site study, and end-user models may be carried over between projects, as long as the assumptions built into the model are explicit and may be reviewed and revised as a result of user-feedback generated in the course of product testing and validation. Equally, delays usually require creative project management decisions to bring tasks into parallel which might ideally be best completed in series.

Table of Contents